Any questions in gear ?

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Plastic Gear Mould

We provide injection molds which are either made in Japan or in China...

Metal Cutting Gear

Cutting gears are mainly manufactured by using Hobbing Machine. After pre-processing...

Master Gear

All the master gears we supply are made in Japan with precision level M00...

Specily Gears

The gear mechanism has been applied in most of the automobile door locks...

Busiuess Overview

  1. * Production and sales of precision gears and parts
  2. * Production and sales of molds and toolings
  3. * Production and sales of gear testing machine and master gear.
  4. * Gear measuring service and gear testing machine composing service
  5. * Design, production and sales of gear box
  6. * Trading in any manufactured goods

Tecona's characteristic

  1. * Advanced knowledge in gear.
  2. * Offer professional engineer and gear testing machine to guarantee the precision of gear.
  3. * Cooperate with technologically advance partner-suppliers in Japan which in turn supplying various products that are difficult to be obtained in China.
  4. * Provide technical support to cooperation factories in China in order to guarantee that high quality goods can be produced at low cost.
  5. * Able to cope with various material in gear.
  6. * Provide various tools for processing gear.
  7. * Versed in trading with business based in foreign countries.
  8. * Welcome the use of RMB as a trade settlement currency in both Hong Kong and China.

Tecona Japan lives in China

China is the world's largest market and the largest manufacturing center,we live here,service world,

Yes,we can do it,
The performance of products are supported with exceptional gear skill.