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We are the trading company of mechanism parts. We provide the services such as quality control and production control to our cooperation factory which is regarded as our production field. Consulting and adjusting the needs between customer and factory in a smoothly way make us being a manufacturing company. We aim at providing speedy services and best price to customer which I believe it makes contribution to community.

Although Hong Kong is the established place of our company we provide global supply and we are full of intelligence of Southeast Asia, we usually provide the condition by the customer’s side. Especially we have Tecona Shenzhen Trading Co.,Ltd as the global enterprise based in China which mainly using RMB as a trade settlement currency, was appreciated by providing variety services promptly.

About Japan, we have the Tecona Japan Tokyo Representative Office to provide the Business services such as business supporting, intelligence provided, technology advice and so on. We would consider priority about the convenience of customers as our aim.

Managing Director
Mr.Kiyoshi Ueno

Philosophy of Tecona

In order to provide satisfying services and reliable products to our customers, Tecona will strive for it as thoroughly as possible. With our advanced knowledge in gear, we hope to develop high quality products which are more environmental and user friendly. We proposed original concepts such as compacting, reducing noises in improving the gear functions. Our aim is “To create a pleasant living and an affluent future for people with advanced technology”. We are ready to take any challenge and to share prosperity with our customers.

Introduction of Tecona

Tecona Japan was founded in Hong Kong since 2001. It is a well-known gear manufacturer and later became an engineer trading company. The director of Tecona Japan who has got valuable experience and technique has been working at the gear industry for more than 30 s. Taking advantage of our exceptional knowledge in gear manufacturing, we soon became the leading company in the field with high precision gears and molds as our main products. We are familiar with the standard and the precision of gear. Customers would also get expert advice on technique problems. Tecona Shenzhen providing services such as quality control, production control and technical cooperation for client based in mainland china.

Busiuess Overview

  1. 1. Production and sales of precision gears and parts
  2. 2. Production and sales of molds and toolings
  3. 3. Production and sales of gear testing machine and master gear.
  4. 4. Gear measuring service and gear testing machine composing service
  5. 5. Design, production and sales of gear box
  6. 6. Trading in any manufactured goods

Tecona's characteristic

  1. 1. Advanced knowledge in gear.
  2. 2. Offer professional engineer and gear testing machine to guarantee the precision of gear.
  3. 3. Cooperate with technologically advance partner-suppliers in Japan which in turn supplying various products that are difficult to be obtained in China.
  4. 4. Provide technical support to cooperation factories in China in order to guarantee that high quality goods can be produced at low cost.
  5. 5. Able to cope with various material in gear.
  6. 6. Provide various tools for processing gear.
  7. 7. Versed in trading with business based in foreign countries.
  8. 8. Welcome the use of RMB as a trade settlement currency in both Hong Kong and China.


2001 February
Tecona Japan Co., Ltd. as an Engineer Trading company was established. The main products include gear, mold, gear testing machine, master gear and gearbox…etc.
2001 November
Coupling watchband
2006 February
Setup of Shenzhen Factory for assembly of gear box and OEM jobs
2006 December
Spiral Spring Mechanism (patent application)
2007 March
Developed the Super Silence Gearbox (SSG series)
2008 May
Production and sales of self-developed product “Doris” (Silence Display Turntable)
2013 March
Shenzhen factory closed and assembly jobs transfer to partner supplier in order to lower the cost and provide better services
2013 April
Tecona Shenzhen Trading Co., Ltd. as Group Company was established for technical and service support in Mainland China
2016 July
Tecona Japan Co.,Ltd.Tokyo Representative Office

Company Profile

Company Name


Tecona Japan Co.,Ltd.

HK Office

Office 06,13/F, The Leader CommercialBuilding,54&56 Hillwood Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kawloon,Hong Kong




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Managing Director
Mr.Kiyoshi Ueno
Date of Establishment
February 2001
Main Bank


The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.

Groupe Company


Tecona Shenzhen Trading Co.,Ltd.

1403 International Commercial Building,Jiabin Road,Luo Hu,Shenzhen,China


Mr.Takuro Ueno
Date of Establishment
April 2013
Main Bank


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Branch YouYi Subbranch

Groupe Company


Tecona Japan Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Representative Office

〒272-0825 日本國千葉県市川市須和田 2-11-2


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Chief Representative
Mr.Takuro Ueno
Date of Establishment
July 2016

Group company


TECO Style Co., Ltd.


1206 Tower B, Tianan International Bldg.,Renming Nan Road, Luo Hu, Shenzhen

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